Squirrel Invasion

Yesterday after school I had a squirrel invasion in the library. Not literally.

final squirrel and books Seven high school and middle school students, avid readers and past CPS library “groupies”, stopped in to see me, knowing that school had started and there would be hundreds of new books stacked on the library tables. These kids hone in on new books (any books, actually) like squirrels to a birdfeeder. Often, with my permission, they take books home before they are cataloged because they are so anxious to read them, and they usually have a pile of books sky-high next to their favorite reading spots at home. We call any of these actions “squirreling” a book. Dealing with squirrels of this nature is perhaps the best part of my job.

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4 Comments on “Squirrel Invasion”

  1. Sara Says:

    I agree. Your two squirrels have migrated down the street and feel that all the homework of a high school student really cramps one’s reading plans. Molly and Abbie were excited to share your blog. IT LOOKS GREAT!!!

  2. regan Says:

    george coners should read this book you give it to him to read!!!

  3. KIM Says:

    WOW! That’s amazing and really cool!


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