Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet by Graham Salisbury

51q0ZxavI6L._SS500_Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in Hawaii?  Nine-year-old Calvin lives near the beach in Kailua with his busy Mom and little sister (his father left home four years ago to pursue a singing career). He has many of the same challenges to deal with that you probably do: chores, figuring out friendship problems, and staying out of trouble.  In this funny chapter book for middle grade readers, Calvin must learn to deal with the local bully, a moody teenage girl from Texas who is coming to live with them, and a new school year with a tough but “cool” teacher.   This first entry in a new series gives a nice flavor of Hawaii’s culture and introduces a very likeable character.

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3 Comments on “Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet by Graham Salisbury”

  1. Kelley Fraser Says:

    Emily wants to read this one. She likes your blog too!

  2. Kelley Fraser Says:

    We finished reading Calvin Coconut today as a family. Both Emily and Bailey could not wait to hear what happened next. I toned down the language a bit while reading. Since the language and some of the scenes are a bit rough, I think 4th and 5th grade boys would love this book.

    We had great conversations about Hawaiian culture. We thought it was funny when Tito gives Stella a bad of dried shrimp as a gift. In Hawaii the shrimp is a delicacy, but Stella being from Texas thought the rude boy was giving her a bag of bugs.

  3. cpslibrary Says:

    I’m so glad the Fraser girls liked Calvin Coconut! The sequel is coming out very soon: I wonder if Stella is still living with Calvin’s family?

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