Student stories!

Mrs. Clarke came to me yesterday, very excited, wanting to share with me some stories that her students had written.  We decided to post them on this blog so everyone could see the amazing work that was being done by these talented students.  The first story will be a second grader’s…

The Rainbow Unicorn

Written and illustrated by Tabby



Once upon a time I was walking.  I saw a unicorn.  The unicorn came down from the sky.  It was flying.  It had wings.

I wanted to keep it.  So I did and I loved the unicorn so much and the unicorn loved me, too.

The unicorn had a big horn.  I named it Horny because Horny had a big horn.  Horny the Unicorn had wings, too.  And…….

Me and my unicorn slept together.  We played together.  I took a ride on Horny the Unicorn.


I had so much fun with Horny and Horny had so much fun with me, too.  I said, “Horny, I love you.”


And here is a story by Kylee  in Grade 4.

Before I go to soccer……

Written and Illustrated by Kylee


Before I go to soccer on Saturdays, I target practice.  I shoot a milk carton.  I shoot it with my beebee gun.  I have a lot of fun.

I target practice with my mom.  She is my instructor.  It is awesome!

I target practice because I think it is cool.  I have my own gun.  It is brown and has a deer on it.  My gun is not loud.  I also have a gun at my dad’s house.  I get to shoot with my dad, too.  I don’t think it’s scary.

Mom says that I am going to hunt with her when I am ten.  I have to be ten years old to hunt with my mom because it is the law.  I think it is cool that I will get to hunt for deer, moose, birds and rabbits.  I will hunt for these animals but I will not eat them all.  My dad will eat the deer and moose.  The rabbit skins will hang in my room if I shoot any.  I can’t wait to hunt because I love to shoot guns!

When I shoot, I don’t wear earplugs or eye protection.  Target practicing with my mom is exciting and interesting!  Being with my mom is sweet!  I love to shoot and I love my mom!


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15 Comments on “Student stories!”

  1. Livy+Maddox Says:

    I love playing soccer with you. Hope our practice is not canceled tonight! I never knew you shot guns before soccer.
    Livy Clarke

  2. Ana Says:

    Wow Kylee,
    That is a great story.
    I can’t belive soccer is over though.
    It went by fast.

  3. chandler Says:

    That was so cool.

  4. sarah Says:

    love the story kylee. nice job

  5. jerome Says:

    that was amazing i thought you did a good job

  6. elayna Says:

    Kylee i love it !!!

  7. cpslibrary Says:

    Tabby and Kylee,
    Well written, interesting stories. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs. Raymond

  8. elayna Says:

    That’s cool Kylee!!

  9. isaac Says:

    kylee the book is cool ok by.

  10. Gaelan Says:

    That sounds fun Kylee.

  11. coltin Says:

    WOW! Cool story Tabby! I like it! From,your oldest brother, Coltin P.S.See you at home!Love you!

  12. coltin Says:

    I hope you do get a unicorn Tabby!

  13. Caroline Says:

    Really great illustrations Tabby. I like the way your Unicorn’s tail was twitching!

  14. Caroline Says:

    Dear Kylee, I loved your story.I never knew you had your own gun.I thought you had to be a certain age to be able to have a gun.I wish I could do what you are doing.
    From, Caroline

  15. alan & Annette Says:

    Hey Kylee, you did a great job on your story. You’re an amazing young lady, and i can see where you get it from. Your mom is also an amazing woman. If you have the same eagle eye that she has when target shooting, your freezer will always be full.

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