Another student story!

Here is another story from Mrs. Clarke’s class.  This one is by Autumn, a 2nd grader.

A New Land

Written and Illustrated by Autumn


I went to Candy Land with my friend, Sammy.  I saw a lollipop and we slid into the Chocolate Fudge River on it.  Sammy and I drank a little bit of the river and then got out.

After that, Sammy and I found a gumball.  We rolled on it and then chewed through it.  Then, we saw a candy raft.  We got on it.


After that,  Sammy said, “Look at that big ice cream!  We can dive in it and then eat some!”  That is what we did!

Behind the ice cream there was a chocolate mountain with whip cream and a cherry.  We slid on our bellies and ate some of the chocolate mountain.


Soon we went to bed in a Jell-O cake.  In the middle of the night we saw some goblins and a little dinosaur made out of sugar.


The goblins took us back to Sammy’s house in a chocolate elevator!  Sammy and I went to bed in her room.


In the morning, we went back to Candy Land again!  We traveled to the gingerbread homes where we stuffed candy from the roofs into our mouths.

After that, Sammy and I went home for a long time.  But, we did not tell anyone about our adventures!

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8 Comments on “Another student story!”

  1. Mrs. Clarke Says:

    It is amazing to experience the wonderful authors and illustrators at work here at CPS. Thanks to Mrs. Raymond for making this blog possible. Now many of us can share in the delightful student stories.

  2. Caroline Says:

    Great idea to have the kids’ stories highlighted on here. Fun to see all the way from Boston 🙂

  3. Abby Says:

    I like it because it involved one of your friends in the story. Abby

  4. cpslibrary Says:

    Great story, Autumn, and creative pictures! I want to live in Candy Land!

  5. Natasha Says:

    Nice story Autumn!That sounds fun but I would get a stomach ache!!!!!

  6. Avry Says:

    uuummmm……That sounds good. Ilike your drawings too. The drawings make it sound like a good kind of book for me.

  7. coltin Says:

    Candy land sounds SWEET and YUMMY!!!!!!!!

  8. crystal chapman Says:

    I like how this story sounds because it’s nice and it’s special to the person who made it

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