Where the wild things are: the movie


I went to see Where the Wild Things Are last night.  I usually don’t like movies that come from classic children’s books, because kids usually don’t want to read the book anymore after they’ve seen the movie.  Also, the story is often changed in ways that I don’t like.   But I knew that this film was ADAPTED from the book, and obviously things were going to have to be added because otherwise it would have lasted about 4 minutes!  I did not expect an exact copy of the book, but rather a fuller explanation of what was going on in Max’s head that night he got angry and yelled at his mother, and in that respect I found the movie true to the essence of the book.  It certainly explained Max’s imaginary world in a very creative and sometimes scary way.

I loved the monster costumes.  They were absolutely right in my opinion, and they often made me laugh. The monsters just looked so weird and funny walking on the beautiful beach or sand dune.   The setting was beautiful:  I believe it was filmed in Australia, and visually it was stunning.

Overall I felt that it was very interesting and it really made me think about childhood and creativity and imagination.  I also agree with other reviews I have read that it is really more for adults.  It is not marketed as a movie for children, and it felt  sad and dark with an awful lot of talk about relationships, which probably is not what school-age children or families with young children expect from a movie based on a children’s book.

Have you seen it?  What did you think?  I would love to know what CPS students, teachers, and parents thought of this movie!

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17 Comments on “Where the wild things are: the movie”

  1. Laurie Taylor Says:

    I really liked your review. As a fellow children’s librarian I agree with what you say about movie adaptations of classic children’s books – usually a disappointment. I look forward to seeing this movie, particularly, with my teenaged son!

  2. matt c Says:

    i did not like the movie it might have been for adults
    but it was ok

  3. Jonathan Says:

    I thought this movie was more for adults. It gave me a lot to think about. It was a very twisted movie.

  4. louis Says:

    the movie i didn’t really like because i thought the book would be the same.

  5. jerome Says:

    The movie was more of a action movie than a drama movie. The ripping the arm off was more for adults.
    It was not that good.

  6. morgan Says:

    where the wild things are is very sad. i went with tyler’s sister selina. we cried because carol ripped off the chicken’s arm. he had to replace it with a stick.

  7. Taylor Says:

    Dear Mrs.Raymond,

    I’ve heard from alot of adults that the movie was not for kids!

  8. Mitchell Says:

    Why did he rip his arm off?

  9. Caroline Says:

    Dear Mrs.Raymond I could not go to the movie because my Uncle said that the movie was more for adults than kids.So instead Gracie and me had to go see Fame instead.But it was a really good movie.


  10. willis Says:

    I loved the wild things. I read it two million times.

  11. Beth Says:

    My mother told me last week that where the wild things are was my favorite book as a child. Not remembering this, I used to read it to Charlie and Will all the time. I guess subconsciously I remembered liking it while I was young. I didn’t think the movie was such a good idea because I love the mystery of the story and vowed to never see it. You have inspired me to check it out!

  12. Dominique Says:

    I don’t like what they do with movies. i think it should be a book and that’s it.But the book is really good.

  13. Joshua Says:

    I love that book and that’s a great picture. I have finally found a series that I like other than Star Wars.

  14. cpslibrary Says:

    Emily says:
    Where the wild things are is a great movie. I don’t usually watch movies from books but Grampy insisted so I got a chance. Surprisingly it was a lot like the book and it meant a lot to me.

  15. Meg Says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but was intrigued by the sweet looking monsters you see in the previews. Since I often think about you when there are books made into movies, I appreciated reading this post. I might go see it!

  16. madison Says:

    I haven’t seen this movie yet but I would like to. I have only read the book, but it sounds like it would be a really great movie. I liked all the characters and the monsters, especially.

  17. jerome head Says:

    why do movie people take books away like harry potter, and percy jackson

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