THIEVES AND KINGS graphic novels

This is a student post by Matt in Mrs. Morin’s 5th grade glass.

Thieves and Kings!

It’s a great graphic novel series if you’re looking for  fun and adventurous books that are thick, have lots of reading, and lots of graphics. My opinion is the details, the drawing, the texture, the whole book, the author, and  the illustrator are brilliant !! The characters tell the story so well. This is about a boy named Rubel, a girl named Heath, a King, a dark witch, and lots of other characters; even an imp that helps Rubel in his journey.   In book one, Rubel was looking for love.  In book two, he got lost in a dream and has to help the witch to get out. Will he get out? You have to read the books. Book three just came out in Mrs. Raymond’s library.  I was the first one to read it.  In fact I’m still reading it so please read books 1 and 2 and then you can have book 3 when I’m done with it.


Heath, drawn by Matt, FREE HAND, NOT TRACED!!


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9 Comments on “THIEVES AND KINGS graphic novels”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Dear Matt, That was a really good picture.I don’t think i could even draw that good.What book was it?

  2. elayna Says:

    that looks like a cover of a book

  3. Jan-nay Says:

    Wow Matt I like it. At fist I thought it was a book cover!!

  4. Alec Says:

    She looks like she’s 670,000 feet tall!!

  5. Alec Says:

    …and her head is in the clouds!!

  6. sabrina Says:

    this is a really good book. i liked the ending the most. P.S. this is also a really nice drawing. la la la de da

  7. Dominique Says:


    This is a really great picture and I think that you’re a super artist. i would love to read Thieves and Kings!

  8. sierra ryerson Says:

    i love your comment on this book and this super picture this is the best picture i’ve seen in a while

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