Emily’s fairy house

Emily, a second grader in Mrs. Lee’s class and a real fairy lover, has been building fairy houses at her house. She recently took home Fairy Houses and Beyond by Tracy Kane, which gave her some inspiration. “All the boys thinks it’s a fairy trap, but it’s not,” said Emily.  “The number one rule is you can’t use bricks or paper, because the fairies don’t like it. You can’t use anything that people made. So I only use twine and tacky glue and pine cones, rocks, leaves, sticks… The house I’m making is a fall house.”  She put leaves on the branches.  She built a ladder so the fairies can get up to the platform.  Here is the fairy house “under construction” in her house:



And here is the house in its habitat, Emily’s front yard:


Notice the shells in the pathway.  The shells came from Bar Harbor, and were a gift from her grandparents:


And here is a closeup of the second floor loft:


Finally, here is a picture of the house with the book that helped Emily and her family create it:


Emily says that making the fairy house was a lot of work but it was also fun.  She is going to check today to see if any fairies have moved into the house.  When I go by on my daily walk, I will look, too!

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23 Comments on “Emily’s fairy house”

  1. cpslibrary Says:

    Wow, Emily! You did a really great job on that fairy house. Thanks to your mom for sending me all the great pictures. I hope a family of fairies moves right in to that nice fall house.
    Mrs. Raymond

  2. telstarlibrary Says:

    We had so much fun making the Fairy House. This is an upgrade from the house we made a few years ago. I think the fairies will love it!

  3. Mrs. Charette Says:

    I see lots of kindergarten and first grade students making fairy houses at recess. I will have to let them know that we have a book in the library that they should read!

  4. cpslibrary Says:

    Emily, I saw the fairy house yesterday! It is beautiful!

  5. louis Says:

    wow i really like your fairy house

  6. sarah Says:

    i love the fairy house. I used to make fairy houses too.

  7. elayna Says:

    that’s the best fairy house i’ve ever seen.

  8. Taylor Says:

    Dear Emily,

    That is a really good fairy house

  9. elayna Says:

    I wish I could make one.

  10. isaac Says:

    I like your fairy house Emily it’s nice and it’s cool to me Emily. bye Emil, by Isaac.

  11. Alicia McLean Says:

    My daughter Morgan loves this!!! What a great job! Morgan always talks about making fairy houses too. Good job Emily!!!

  12. sierra Says:

    You did a really good job on the fairy house. I liked the seashell path. I liked the picture of the house with the book and the pumpkin next to it.

  13. Jan-nay Says:

    Emily I love your fairy house !!! I used to make fairy houses at school all the time!! Now i make them at home
    all the time:)

  14. Caroline Says:

    Dear Emily, Your fairy house is really good. Maybe one time I am in library class I will take out the fairy book and make a Thanksgiving fairy house.So when I finish my fairy house I will give Mrs.Raymond a picture of my fairy house then you can look in the fairy book and see which fairy house I used for some help.

    From, Caroline

  15. elayna Says:

    I think that fairy house is awesome maybe i’ll make one!

    • Ali Says:

      Dear Emily,
      I love that fairy house so much it makes me want to make one!! Maybe i will. 🙂 How many have you built ?


  16. sean Says:

    I think this is a thing that many people don’t do . I like it!!

  17. coltin Says:

    I Like your COOL fairy house!

  18. Paige Says:

    I like your fairy houses. I think they are cool.

  19. madison Says:

    I have tried to make a fairy house but it didn’t work out. The leaves kept falling over and I kind of crushed it the next day. Maybe I’ll try again.

  20. Mrs. Merrill's Kindergarten Says:

    Emily, we looked at your fairy house and read about how you made it. We really thought it was cool!

  21. Maddox Says:

    Dear Emily,
    I think that your fairy house is awesome! I hope that someday I will be able to make a fairy house as good as you.

  22. Ella Blair Says:

    I like it to love, Ella

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