A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

2c2ac060ada0c75f063ef110.L._AA240_Lilo, a third grader in Mrs. Lavoie’s class, has been reading this series since the beginning of second grade, and she wants to share her opinions with CPS:

In the  Series of Unfortunate Events books, three children learn their house has burned down and they will never see their parents again.  They are sent off to live with their awful uncle named Count Olaf.  Count Olaf tries to get his hands on their fortune about thirteen times (there are thirteen books!).  But in scheme after scheme, the Baudelaire orphans seem to get out of his traps, and Count Olaf seems to escape just in time.  The Baudelaire orphans travel all around the world from the top of mountains to the deep dark sea.  The more places they go, the more mysteries they find, especially mysteries about VFD.  If you want to know what VFD is, READ THE BOOKS!

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13 Comments on “A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket”

  1. madison Says:

    I really liked the way you described your writing now I want to read the Series of unfortunate events!

  2. Zoe B Says:

    I read the whole series in fourth grade… and loved it! So well written, and I mean the book and the review.

    • Brooke L Says:

      I agree that the delight in these books is learning how the Baudelaire children will outsmart (and they ARE smart) Count Olaf again. Oh, and all of the wonderful, non-sensical words Sunny utters. She’s super funny!

  3. Abby Says:

    Lilo i have seen the movie and enjoyed it. From your description you wrote I can’t wait to read the books. I see you like them. What will happen when you finish all the books? Will you start new books? ABBY

  4. Livy Says:

    Lilo, I love the series you chose to write about. I have read the first, second and part of the third books. I wonder what the rest of the series is about? So far the books are sooooo good! Livy

  5. Ana Says:

    Hi Lilo,
    I read the first three of those books and thought they were great!

  6. Napoleon Says:

    First time on the blog. Well done! A great resource for parents, I will pass along the address. NB

  7. Caroline Says:

    I have not read the Series of unfortunate events.But I am really looking forward to be reading this book.


  8. jarrett Says:

    everyone should read the series bone it is a cool book series.

  9. jarrett Says:

    the blog is cool

  10. matthew Says:

    lilo, do you know that there is a movie too?

  11. jerome head Says:

    i just started reading that series but first i have to finish rangers apprentice

  12. Ella Says:

    i love the Lemony Snicket series. How couldn’t anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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