What’s your favorite book?

imagesHere’s your chance to let me know what YOUR favorite books are. Don’t just tell me what you’re reading right now; really THINK about the books that have made you love reading, or the books that take you away to another world, or the books that your parents read to you when you were younger that make you smile when you remember them. Leave me a comment about the books that have been important in your life, and why!

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33 Comments on “What’s your favorite book?”

  1. Caroline Says:

    As a child I remember loving The Children of Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren(especially whenever I was sick and it was being read aloud to me). I think the book that made the most profound impact on me was The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig. This book was both educational and inspiring. An incredible story of strength in my opinion.

  2. matt Says:

    I don’t have one favorite i have two favorite series.
    the Moommins and Thieves and Kings

  3. Avry Says:

    Dear Mrs. Raymond
    My favorite old book I used to read was Nate The Great! It was my favorite and I still love to read them. I have almost read all of them.If i haven’t read one can you tell me so i can finish the series.

    Your BEST library helper,

  4. Avry Says:

    Mrs. Raymond, I have another favorite series Harold and the Purple Crayon. It was so funny and i love how much he used his imagination, and he’s only like a year old. I love his adventures and his crayon would never run out.

  5. Avry Says:

    Mrs. Raymond I also love your little kid Easter series. Just when i was in 2nd or 3rd grade i finished it. It was a fun holiday to read about. It is now my favorite holiday. I have not seen any new ones. If there are any new ones please tell me.

  6. cpslibrary Says:

    It’s nice to know that you really remember the books you read when you were little, Avry. You are a true book lover! Mrs. Raymond

  7. JULIA Says:


  8. lilo Says:

    My favorite books in the world are the series of unfortunate events

  9. nicole Says:

    I say i love my book Its thumbelina. i’m at the part where she’s falling down the waterfall!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read more!!!!!!!!

  10. Emily Says:

    My favorite book is Felix and the Flying Suitcase Adventure. I like this book because it has letters in it, and there’s animals and stuffed animals. The book makes me get all excited because Felix goes on an adventure and it’s cool.

  11. sierra Says:

    my favorite book is the Old Willis Place it is the best book in the library!

  12. Abbie Says:

    Oh dear, a favorite book? I don’t like to choose favorites… However I could choose some. My favorite books to read were the Hilary Mckay books like Permanent Rose and Saffy’s Angel. I also enjoyed the Terry Pratchett books (Wee Free Men) and The Penderwicks. It’s hard to say which book left the longest lasting impact on me but perhaps it was Iqbal which I vividly remember being read to me from 5th grade. Thank you Mrs.Raymond for reading these books to us as we carry the images with us for a long time.

  13. Avry Says:

    Mrs. Raymond I have just remembered another book. It is called Toughboy and Sister. I do feel really bad for what happened to their parents. The way they survive at their family’s camp and work together is what makes the book a brother and sister book. If I was in their shoes for a few days or weeks with my sister we might have been able to do the amazing things they did to survive and become closer as family. I also love to go camping and finding natural resources to help survive. The book is so amazing and i would want to have been there with them to see how you would survive and be nicer to each other. It really is an awesome book. Avry

  14. Avry Says:

    Hi Mrs.Raymond! I also liked the planet Droon book series. It was so interesting and I thought it was better than the magic treehouse. I have stopped reading them but they were so fun to read. Avry

  15. Avry Says:

    Mrs.Raymond, I remembered another book series called Flat Stanley.His adventures were so weird, fun, amazing. He is also so thin he’s like a piece of paper. I love how he would use his “specialty” to help others be happy. He used to be one of my favorites along with Nate The Great. Avry

  16. Caroline Says:

    My favorite book is Three Cups of Tea. I like books that have adventure. Also I learned that K2 is higher then Mt. Everest. So that is my favorite book that I have read.

  17. robert Says:

    My favorite book is Tom Brady. From Robbie.

  18. KIM Says:

    My favorite book is the Twilight series. I also always loved Curious George, Henry and Mudge are probably my favorite new to chapter book books.


  19. robert Says:

    MY second favorite book is Football.

  20. mitchell Says:

    jellaby is a little purple monster.
    i like this graphic novel because they go on an adventure to bring back Jellaby to his home. They take a train to get there and one of them gets in a fight and falls out of the train so they have to walk to the city.
    +There’s a boy and he asks if there was a map and she says “it was in my backpack and I left my backpack on the train” so they take a ride to guess where the door was to bring back Jellaby. I’ve also read the first Jellaby.

  21. matthew Says:

    my favorite book is Hatchet because it is an adventure.And my favorite type of books are adventure. i liked it when brian got spayed in his face by a skunk.

  22. madison Says:

    My favorite book would probably be The Little Princess because it shows that a little girl has a dad but not a mom, then her dad dies, and she still has a happy ending. Even though she used to have something good, and now she had to be a maid, she had to give up things for other people and she was still happy. I love the way it ended. If you like books that are sad but happy, and the girl has a twinkle in her eye and will never be that sad and give up, you should read this book.

  23. Taylor mason Says:

    I’d have to say my favorite book is the series of Little House on the Prairie.

  24. Paige Says:

    My favorite book is I Love That Dog. I love that book. I think it is happy but sad. Happy because she gets a dog but sad because the dog dies when a car crashes in to the dog.

    ( P. S the dogs name is… Sky

  25. jerome Says:


  26. Wynter Says:

    My favorite book that opened me to read is Dealing with Dragons. That is my all time favorite, I just loved it.

  27. jerome head Says:

    my favorite book is Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 4 the battle of the labyrinth

  28. jerome head Says:

    my favorite book series are percy jackson,amulet and bone

  29. Caroline Newell Says:

    I can’t answer that, its to hard. I love lots of books. I can’t choose just one. There are just to many to choose from, and I have ;lots of favorites. Some of them are, Matilda, Percy Jackson/ The hero’s of Olympus, Harry Potter book 4 The Goblet of Fire, and Nancy Drew plus lots more!
    Caroline Newell

  30. Ben Alford Says:

    My favorite book, without question, is the Phantom Tollbooth. I love the wordplay in it! I’ve read it 4 times and still love it!

  31. Ella Blair Says:

    MY favorite book is Harry Potter!!!!

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