Luke’s Fort!

One of Mrs. Lavoie’s third graders, Luke, recently read a CPS library book about building forts. He and his dad spent some time working on fort building in their back yard. Luckily Luke has lots of woods around his house and he was able to make a wonderful hideout. “This book inspired me,”Luke says. “I spent hours with my Dad making the plans. He brought home 4 big cardboard cartons and we made it on a hill. It was really fun, and I think other kids should make one, too.” Here are some pictures of the outside and the inside of his fort:

Great job, Luke! I’m glad you and your Dad had fun making this together, and I bet you and your friends and family will have lots of good times hanging out in your fort.

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13 Comments on “Luke’s Fort!”

  1. sarah bartlett Says:

    Nice fort Luke. I really like it

  2. Emalee Says:

    Hi, Luke! I really like your fort!

  3. Preston Says:

    Your fort is awesome, Luke.

  4. selina Says:

    Good job on the fort, Luke.

  5. Taylor mason Says:

    your fort is really good luke i like it

  6. Caroline Says:

    Dear Luke I love building forts. I always go in the woods and make forts out of sticks,rocks and trees. Your fort looks really cool. It looks a lot better then any of my forts. Mine would just tumble down in a rain storm or there was a bad wind storm.

  7. grady Says:

    Hi, Luke! Your fort’s awesome. I made one too and I might take a picture and post it on the blog.

  8. caleb Says:

    Really nice fort Luke.I made one yesterday and it just tumbled down.

  9. Luke very nice job on the fort!!!!

  10. crystal c. Says:


  11. crystal c. Says:


  12. crystal c. Says:


  13. isaac Says:

    i like that fort luke.

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