Students write about hunting

Fourth graders Kylee, Destiny and Tyler  wrote a book in Mrs. Clarke’s class about hunting, called Eleven Tips to Bag a Deer Safely.  Here are their rules:

1.  Make sure nobody is in your way any time you shoot a gun.

2.  Put deer scent on your body so that deer cannot smell you.

3.  Put body armor on just in case a moose, a deer, or a bear attacks.

4.  Wear eye protection and camouflage.  Remember to wear orange so other hunters can see you and don’t shoot you.

5.  Travel into the woods and go hunting.

6.  Load your gun in the woods because it is the law.

7.  Never point your gun to the side when loading.  Point it at the sky or down low to the ground.

8.  Cock your gun and don’t have your fingers too close to the hammer.

9.  Go hunting for the deer.

10.  Kneel down and wait until you notice a deer.

11.  Stand up and shoot and hope you bag a deer.

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8 Comments on “Students write about hunting”

  1. Mr Brown Says:

    Thanks for the good information.

  2. Alec Says:

    sounds professional!

  3. Mrs. Merrill's Kindergarten Says:

    Your book was awesome! We really liked all the tips you gave and we learned about hunting and safety. Isaac and Macie really liked all the deer illustrations. Harrison really enjoyed the hunter and the deer.

  4. aaron Says:

    i wrote the book and i’m still reading it. we did a good job. I hope that Tyler liked it.

  5. aaron Says:

    this book wants me to start hunting

  6. Boston Says:

    You left out a lot of hunter safety rules.But it was still pretty good.

  7. shawna Says:

    the deer is cool

  8. Ellie Says:

    I want to learn to hunt and now I know some rules and laws about it

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