Write a story about Woodwise!

Gideon Dorman, a local man and an amazing artist, donated this original piece of art to Crescent Park School this week:

Gideon made this three-foot-tall “man” from sticks and lichen.  He named it “Woodwise”,  and  he would love to have our students use their imaginations and create the story about the art piece.  Who is he?  Is he a spirit of the woods and trees?  Friendly?  Mischievous?  Where does he live?  I am going to collect the stories that our students write about Woodwise (feel free to change the name if you want to, Gideon said) and send them to Gideon.  Let’s get creative!

One week later:  stories are rolling in!  I have typed some of the most creative and you will find them if you click on “Student Stories about Woodwise”, one of the pages on the right side of the blog. I wish I could type them all!   Good job, students!!

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14 Comments on “Write a story about Woodwise!”

  1. Marta Says:

    I think woodwise is very cool and he looks mischevious.

  2. destiny Says:

    It is cool to me because i think he is cool and so am i.I like art so much i would want to build it.

  3. Taylor Says:

    I think that woodwise is really cool and he did a very good job on it

  4. sarah bartlett Says:

    I think that woodwise is really cool and he did a really really nice job on it.

  5. Caroline Says:

    I think that woodwise looks really really cool. One day I hope I could make somthing like that.:)

  6. Paige Says:

    I really like Woodwise. I think he is really cute

  7. aliah Says:

    I think this art sculpture is really cool!!!!
    I am writing a story about it right now ….

  8. Ben Says:

    I like the story that i made about woodwise. it was so nice i loved it.

  9. Maddox Says:

    I really LOVED Woodwise. I loved him so much that I wrote a story about him. Here is the first sentence of my story.
    Woodwise was once a very normal person just like you and me.

  10. Ellie Says:

    I think that the sculpture is really awesome and cool

  11. alice Says:

    I’m thinking on writing a story for it but im thinking what it is going to be like.

  12. Luke Mason Says:

    I think wood wise is awesome he looks like he owns the wood.

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