Stretching a sentence

Orion, a first grader in Mrs. DeCarolis’s class, has been working on making writing more interesting with “sentence stretching.”  He wants to share this with you:

He saw the dog.

He saw the big dog.

Orion saw the big brown dog.

Orion saw the big brown dog eating something.

It was eating a squirrel!  Yuck!

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5 Comments on “Stretching a sentence”

  1. Mrs. Clarke Says:

    This comment is from Joziah, Jordan, Lawrence and Mrs. Clarke!
    Wow! We love how you made a simple and rather boring sentence into a poem that makes us laugh! Jordan thought it was really funny when she pictured the dog eating the squirrel! Lawrence liked when the dog was eating the squirrel, too!

  2. coltin Says:

    Wow, thats nice Orion!That is yucky that the dog was eating a squirrel!Did it really happen?

  3. matt c Says:


  4. gunner Says:

    hi orion, I like your poem especially when the dog eats the squirell.
    by bro.

  5. Isabel Chase Says:

    I love streching!

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