The Cowboy Cookie: a poem by third grade writers

Mrs. Stevens’ third grade reading group (Colby, Nikki, Selina, and Tim) read a story about a cook on a chuckwagon.  They learned that the cook has a lot of duties.  After reading the story, they wrote this poem which they would like to share with CPS readers!

The Cowboy Cookie

We know a man named Jeff,
And he is a “Cookie” chef.

Cookie wakes up at three AM,
And goes to sleep by eight PM.

Cookie helps with snake bites,
And sometimes he breaks up fights.

He makes three meals a day,
And he does it the right way,
So, please, stay out of his way!

Cookie helps out other cowboys
By cutting hair and by sharing their joys.

He carries supplies in a chuck wagon
And he is their doctor when they’re draggin’.

Cookie is nice to you when you are nice to him,
When Cookie is around don’t start any fights on a whim!

Cookie is old
And sometimes sees mold!
Cookie works when it’s hot or cold!

Written by Tim, Colby, Nikki and Selina

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4 Comments on “The Cowboy Cookie: a poem by third grade writers”

  1. destiny Says:


  2. Ms. Card Says:


  3. Wonderful job kids! keep up the good work!!!

  4. i hope you kids have a merry Christmas!!!

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