Snow poems by Mrs. Jerome’s 4th graders

Here are some poems about snow by fourth graders in Mrs. Jerome’s class.

SNOW by Marta

Snow is inspiring and delicate

When I see the flakes whirl and twirl

I just want to go and dance the way they do.



Opalescent (white)


SNOW by Matthew

When I’m out playing in the fluffy sticky snow

it’s almost as if the snow flakes are playing with me.
The way the snow blows in my face is almost like

a sweet summer breeze on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

When I walk on the snow it feels like I’m  walking on a cloud.

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7 Comments on “Snow poems by Mrs. Jerome’s 4th graders”

  1. avry griffin Says:

    Good poem Marta! I agree with about most of what you said.

  2. matt c Says:

    nice but i would have a different point of view of snow
    but still really good

  3. Coltin Fulk Says:

    I’ll bet you boys and girls would write great poems as grown ups!

  4. Ms. Card Says:

    What wonderful poems! Nice use of descriptions. I can really picture the snow in my mind!

  5. Drew Says:

    Nice poems! They were great! Keep Writing!


  6. Jodi Putnam Says:

    That was so pretty, the way u described it and all!!! Good job Marta!!! 😀

  7. jerome Says:

    great describing the poem marta

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