Season’s Readings!

I hope you got some good books for Christmas! I usually buy myself some and put them under the tree, but this year for some reason I gave books to everyone else but not to myself! Click on “comment” below and tell me what awesome books you got for Christmas!

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8 Comments on “Season’s Readings!”

  1. Coltin Fulk Says:

    I got a book called”Puppets for dreaming”.from,Coltin
    PS.Mrs.Raymond,i hope you get lots of books for Easter!

  2. avry griffin Says:

    Hi Mrs.Raymond
    For Christmas I got a book called “Dragon Rider”.

  3. Tom Brady, Robot, and Bokugun.

  4. jerome Says:

    Hi ms Raymond i got the 39 clues book 5 and 6

  5. elayna harrison Says:

    I got 3 cups of tea for christmas!

  6. Maddox Says:

    For Christmas, I got The Magician’s Elephant and The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls.

  7. I got the HardyBoys 9,13,15

  8. Abbie Says:

    One of my Chritmas presents was the book The Luxe which is the first in a series and it got me hooked!

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