New Year, New Books…something for everybody!

Welcome back to school, everybody! The snow outside is beautiful! This is my favorite time of year because I can cross country ski and then come inside and read by the fire: two perfect activities! Here are some new books in the CPS Library for you to check out and enjoy:

The A-Z Mysteries is a very popular series, and I have just filled in some missing titles: Missing Mummy, Kidnapped King, Panda Puzzle, Talking T. Rex, Vampire’s Vacation, Zombie Zone, and Invisible Island. Join Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose as they continue to solve mysteries.

Babymouse Skater Girl, The Musical, and Dragonslayer are new to the library this month. If you are a fan of this graphic novel series, don’t miss these new titles.

Here’s a new action adventure series I just discovered: Andrew Lost. Andrew is a ten-year-old inventor who has a pocket robot named Thudd. Together they invent things like a shrinking machine and a time machine. Will Andrew, Thudd, and Judy (Andrew’s 13-year-old cousin) make it back from the time of the dinosaurs? from the beginning of the universe? How will they dodge dangerous creatures in the Australian rain forest when they have shrunk themselves to the size of bugs? An exciting new series that is similar to The Magic Tree House.

Horrible Harry is quite popular in the middle grades. I just purchased Horrible Harry and the Holidaze, Horrible Harry and the Triple Revenge, and Horrible Harry Bugs the three Bears. Don’t miss Harry’s highjinks.

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4 Comments on “New Year, New Books…something for everybody!”

  1. isaac Says:

    For my Christmas book i got the time traveler book.

  2. Coltin Fulk Says:

    I think those sound good!

  3. jerome head Says:

    I got the 39 clues 5 and 6 for Christmas

  4. Taylor mason Says:

    The new baby mouse book sounds good

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