“Wordles” about THE PINBALLS by Betsy Byars

A wordle is a “word cloud” made from any text that you provide. The more times the word appears in the text, the greater it will be in the wordle. You can personalize your word clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. What fun! I love them.

In Mrs. Conrad’s 5th grade class this week, we made wordles about the book I had just finished reading aloud to the class, The Pinballs by Betsy Byars. It is a funny, sad, hopeful book about three foster children trying to figure out their lives. We brainstormed words that had to do with the book, and then each student went to wordle.net to create their own wordle, or word cloud, out of their words.

See some of the great results here! And check out wordle.net to find out how much fun it is to make wordles. (Ask someone in Mrs. Conrad’s or Mrs. Jerome’s class for more information about how to do it. Or me, Mrs. Raymond! I’d be happy to help you.)

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2 Comments on ““Wordles” about THE PINBALLS by Betsy Byars”

  1. Coltin Fulk Says:

    I think I should send a Wordle

  2. Abbie Says:

    Wordle is such a fun site! I put in my lines for the play The Tempest and made a very cool “word cloud” it’s definitely a cool thing to play around with.

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