More books in the Freddy series!

Do you like humorous, adventurous animal fantasies? If so, you might like the “Golden Hamster Saga” by Deitlof Reiche, which consists of five books: I, Freddy; Freddy in Peril; Freddy to the Rescue; The Haunting of Freddy; and Freddy’s Final Quest.

Freddy is a young and daring hamster who is tired of his boring life in the pet shop. In the first book, I, Freddy, he is taken home by a young girl named Sophie. At his new home, he learns to read and write and while Sophie is gone one day, he simply unlatches his cage and sets off for the greatest adventure of his life. During this adventure, he meets a tough cat named William and two snobby guinea pigs named Enrico and Caruso who end up helping him along the way. Translated from German, this heartwarming, humorous story will teach you about courage, facing your fears, and how to enjoy life. There are wonderful line drawings throughout the text, adding to the humor and excitement.

Check out book one and see if it interests you enough to read the whole series!

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3 Comments on “More books in the Freddy series!”

  1. Coltin Fulk Says:

    Next time I go to the library I’m going to check that book out!

  2. Linda Kuzyk Says:

    Mrs. Raymond,
    You blogsite is fantastic. You have put so much time into it. I can’t wait to check out many of the links. In the meantime, thank you for turning me onto your site. Your students are very lucky to have you for a librarian. You rock. (Do kids still say that? If not, what IS the ultimate in compliments from middle graders these days?).
    Thanks again!
    Linda Kuzyk

  3. chaia Says:

    well, hamster adventure. I always have loved adventure. Maybe furry adventure is good too!

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