Tabby writes a song about her unicorn

Here is Tabby’s “Horny the Unicorn” song.  If you have forgotten about Tabby’s unicorn story, check it out under “Student Writing”.

The Me and Horny Theme Song

Written, Sung and  Illustrated by Tabby

When me and Horny met,  Oh! Oh! Oh!

We had fun.  Oh, yes we did. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I smile a lot when I see my unicorn, Horny. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I laugh when Horny makes a funny face. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Without Horny, then my life wouldn’t be complete. Oh! Oh! Oh!

I now know Horny and Horny knows me. Oh! Oh! Oh!

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4 Comments on “Tabby writes a song about her unicorn”

  1. Mrs. Clarke Says:

    I love the idea of creating a theme song! Maybe that is something one of my children can do for our family! We could call it “The Clarke Clan Theme Song.” Thanks for the inspiration.
    Mrs. Clarke

  2. Coltin Says:

    I love your story,Tabitha. I can’t wait to hear your next adventure with Horny! -Coltin

  3. Kim Drew Says:


    Nice song I love it! Keep writing!!!!!!!!

    Kim Your Reading Buddy

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