Fancy Nancy!

Who likes the Fancy Nancy books?  Lots of little girls (and boys!) find them extremely “splendiforous”, as Nancy would say.  (Not only does she like to wear fancy clothes;  she loves to use fancy words.)  Here is a picture of Bailey, a kindergartener, dressed up as Fancy Nancy.  Nice job, Bailey!

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6 Comments on “Fancy Nancy!”

  1. aliah Says:

    hahahaha she is so cute…. looks just like Fancy Nancy

  2. Emily Says:

    Bailey, you were cute when you went to the party!

  3. mia Says:

    Hi Fancy look awesome.I know your sister Emily.She is in my class.You live next to me.


  4. telstarlibrary Says:

    Oh, yes, Bailey likes to look like Fancy Nancy. And we love the Fancy Nancy Books!

  5. cpslibrary Says:

    Thanks for visiting the blog! Did you read about any books that sound interesting to you? Click on some of the pages on the right side of the blog, like “Girl Power” to find books you might like. Or click on “your turn to express yourself” and tell me what kind of books you like!
    Mrs. Raymond

    • Savannah Says:

      My cousin loves fancy Nancy when he comes over to our house he always wants to listen to it. And I have to say I like to just listen to it too.

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