A visit from two very special dogs

We are lucky to be getting a weekly visit from now on from two beautiful dogs, Fenway, a sheltie, and a dalmatian named Ghost, and their owners Kathy-Jo Farren and Dawn Eliot. The dogs are “Tail Wagging Tutors”: dogs who are highly trained to handle all kinds of situations. After they pass a test, they become certified therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs International and they can visit children in schools, sick people in hospitals, seniors in nursing homes, etc. Kathy-Jo and Dawn, who both work at Bethel Animal Hospital, are so excited to be a part of this program, and the students at CPS are pretty happy to welcome Fenway and Ghost. Yesterday the dogs were read to by students in the Title I room before visiting the library for this photo shoot with Mrs. Lee’s second grade class.

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11 Comments on “A visit from two very special dogs”

  1. shawna Says:

    thats cool

  2. Abbie Says:

    That’s so awesome! I want to go back to elementary school.

  3. Brooke Says:

    I liked both of these dogs. They were really gentle. I would like to sit in a corner and read to these dogs!!

  4. miaH Says:

    I loved the dogs. It was fun. I would like to read to the dogs.I hope you are doing good. I want a dog. my brother got a dog. I want one too.Please have a good time. My dog was 10yearrs when he died. I still miss him.I am going to get a dog. I love dogs.


  5. KIM DREW Says:

    That is really cool wish I could have met them so does Lily!

  6. David W. Murphy, Ed.D. Says:

    What a great program! I hope Fenway and Ghost enjoy their time at CPS. They certainly deserve the special attention they are getting from all of our great readers! Thanks to their owners for sharing them with the children of the Crescent Park School!

  7. Dawn Eliot Says:

    Thank You all! It is a GREAT PROGRAM
    Ghost and I LOVE coming to the school and the kids have been SO GOOD!!! We will be there every other Friday see you next time on the 26th!

  8. Kathy-Jo Farren Says:

    Fenway and I love coming to school and spending time with the children, we have done alot of things together and this is one of our favorites.

  9. Marta Says:

    I really want to see Fenway and Ghost

  10. brooklin Says:

    that is awesome!!!

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