The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls by Elise Primavera

With all these snow days, I’ve had time to catch up on some reading. I hope you have, too! Maddox, a fourth grader in Mrs. Jerome’s room, shared this book with the class a few weeks ago and it sounded interesting enough for me to buy it for the library. I read it yesterday and today, and it was incredibly exciting and wacky. If you are a fan of The Wizard of Oz, you have to read this book! Four girls who live in a town named Sherbet become friends and have an amazing adventure involving some wicked witches, ruby and silver slippers, talking potatoes, and a cute pair of smart dogs. The author has a very conversational tone which brings you right into the story, and the black and white drawings every few pages add to the fun.

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4 Comments on “The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls by Elise Primavera”

  1. Mia Says:

    This book is so amazing, but really wacky. Even my mom couldn’t follow it and she usually can. i really think that Madison Drapeau would like it.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Mia, I agree with you that this book is WACKY. I really loved the beginning, and then I felt that it went a little bit “OFF”… I felt that it was a book that kids would like more than adults because the ending was so outrageous. It is definitely a good book for kids who love The Wizard of Oz to read, since it contains so many tie-ins to that book/movie. I’m glad you read it and enjoyed it!!

  2. Brooke Says:

    I love that book so much! It is wacky, and I try to get my sister to read it. But she doesn’t want to. It is a really good.

  3. chaia Says:

    I believe that I should read this. This sounds exactly like my kind of book! GO READERS!!

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