Where the Mountain meets the Moon by Grace Lin

Words that come to mind when describing this year’s Newbery Award runner-up: enchanted, elegant, exciting, timeless, beautiful…

Minli (whose name means “quick thinking”) and her parents live in the shadow of Fruitless Mountain, in China. They work hard in the rice fields yet they are still very poor, with barely enough rice to eat. Minli’s mother worries and complains about their hard life, but her father brightens their evenings with storytelling. One day Minli sets out to find the Old Man of the Moon, hoping he will tell her the true secret to good fortune. Along the way she makes new friends including a flightless dragon, an orphan, a group of greedy monkeys, and a king. Interwoven with Minli’s quest are tales told by her father and by those she meets on the way, which are drawn from traditional Chinese folklore. The author’s full-color illustrations are stunning. Grace Lin has created a strong, likeable heroine and a fascinating glimpse of another country.

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4 Comments on “Where the Mountain meets the Moon by Grace Lin”

  1. miaH Says:

    wow that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. livy clarke Says:

    Hi,Mrs.Raymond. the book Where The Mountain Meats The Moon -I think that it should have gotten first place for the Newbery Award. I think it was really cool that the goldfish talked. I liked Minli because she was brave and I liked the little stories that were written within the big story. The ending was very happy. If you like stories that are fairy tale-ish, you should read this book!

  3. lilo bean Says:

    I loved it! I loved the little stories in it.It was very surprising.It should have gotten first place for the Newbery. My favorite part was when they finally found out how dragon could fly, but I’m not going to tell you. People who like adventure and figuring out things would like this book.

  4. Julia Says:

    Mrs. Raymond, I really like where the mountain meets the moon! I think everybody should read it! It’s one of my favorites!

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