Karen in the Woods by Abby

Here’s a great story written by a third grader in Ms. Lavoie’s class:


One day, Karen sat on a log in the woods by the fence of her sister’s farm.  She was tired anyways from walking in the woods for a mile.

Karen cut her shin on a sharp piece of metal.  On the fence in front of her it said, “DO NOT ENTER!”  Underneath the sign, Karen found a piece of paper under a rock.  The code to open the gate to Pamela’s farm was on the paper.  The code was #823519.

Karen is a detective.  She is in the woods because she is on the way to her sister’s farm.  Karen is on her way to the farm because suspicious things have been happening to her sister, Pam.   Pam called Karen to investigate a ghost horse and shadows in the house that are moving around.  Also, the back door is opening and closing on its own.  The hinges are so rusty they squeak.  Karen will be at the farm for a month.

To solve the mysteries, she worked hard.  First, Karen discovers that the ghost horse is running on batteries.  I know what you are thinking, “How did the horse glow in the dark?”  The horse is lit up by an invisible glow in the dark light.  When the horse is running, the light follows it around! A man named Davy Crockett made the ghost horse because he was trying to scare Pam and her family off of the property so he could have the farm.  Next, Karen finds out about the door opening and closing on its own.  The hinges are squeaking because theey are rusty.  The wind is causing the door to open and close.  Last, Karen discovers what the shadows are in the house.  They are Pam’s 15 dogs and 2 cats.  Now all of the mysteries are solved so Karen can go home.  She can relax until another mystery pops up!

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5 Comments on “Karen in the Woods by Abby”

  1. Mrs. Clarke Says:

    I was obsessed with Nancy Drew when I was your age. I think that I read every book in the series! I love that you are also inspired by Carolyn Keene’s girl detective!
    Terrific Job!
    Mrs. Clarke

  2. Crystal Chapman Says:

    Dear Abby,
    Your story was the best of all the stories I read.
    Your friend,

  3. Blake Katlin Says:


  4. cpslibrary Says:

    I was a “Nancy Drew lover” when I was your age, just like Mrs. Clarke was. Keep up the good reading and writing!
    Mrs. Raymond

  5. Karen Says:

    I always wanted to be the star of a book, it is wonderful to have your story put into words for everyone to see. love Mom

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