Happy Spring

I always bring in a planter of fresh green grass on the first day of spring.  Yesterday was the day.

As I walked down the hall to the library in the morning, I heard kids saying “Oh!  She brought the spring grass!” , and every class who came to the library yesterday enjoyed smelling, feeling, and marveling over this little piece of spring in a pot.  Here is a picture of Miss Merrill’s third grade class enjoying the sensation of fresh grass after a long Maine winter:

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16 Comments on “Happy Spring”

  1. abby Says:

    Mrs.Raymond,I love the grass you planted. I was wondering if you show it to 4th and 5th? .P.S.you are a good library teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cpslibrary Says:

      I show it to all my classes because it doesn’t matter how old you are…you always get excited about spring!
      Mrs. Raymond

  2. Ms. Merrill Says:

    Mrs. Raymond,

    Your blog is such a great idea, as is you’re creative way of welcoming spring with a pot of real grass. How excited my class was. The picture is a joy!

    Ms. Merrill

  3. ColbyMarriott Says:

    my nose is big.why!!!!!!!!!!!!.to much peace signs:).thank you Mrs.Raymond

  4. hannah evans Says:

    im on your blog, i like the picture.

  5. hannah evans Says:

    im on your blog yay!!!!!!

    i like the picture was it a video?

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Yes, it actually was a video because I was using a video camera, but I can’t put video on the blog. I took a picture of the video.

  6. Emma Says:

    mrs.Raymond i like the picture you put on of our class.I like the grass of summer it is so cool and i like the pot that the grass is in.

  7. mckinley Says:

    I loved doing the picture that we did with you. it was super fun. i hope you put easter eggs in it for easter if it lives to be that long. i hope it does because i love doing pictures and i love spring too.

  8. kaitlee turnick Says:

    cooooooooooooooooool picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hunter Says:

    I love the grass

  10. Kane Says:

    Thank you for the picture it was fun thanks again.

  11. Caroline Says:

    sweet grass…love the bucket!

  12. Abbie Says:

    The spring grass! That’s so exciting!

  13. swan Says:

    Spring is here

  14. Dominique Says:

    Spring is here! I like the fact that you showed everyone the fresh spring grass!

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