The hall is full of book characters!

Since Read Across America Day (March 2), the fourth/fifth grade hall has been decorated with the most wonderful assortment of book characters.  Fifth graders worked hard in Library classes and Art classes in February to produce these works of art.  The tape is wearing out, the edges are tearing, and it is time for them to come down.  Before I remove them, I thought I would share some of my favorites on the blog. Thanks, fifth graders, for brightening the hallway for the month of March!

The star of No, David by David Shannon was drawn by Sabrina:

Here are Zoe’s.  She drew two strong, spunky girl characters.  Left is Cally Vee from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, and the “Camp Half Blood” girl is Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series.

Jodi from Mrs. Keane’s class  did this awesome picture of Arthur’s little sister D.W.:

Here’s Faith’s picture of GrayStripe from the Warriors series:

Wynter drew this picture of the princess in Dealing with Dragons:

Here’s a nice little trio of animals.  The Canada Goose is from The Fledgling, drawn by Kim Drew.  Grady drew the “Warriors” cat  and Caitlin drew the dog, named Pearl, from

Finally, Read Across America Day wouldn’t be complete without a few awesome Dr. Seuss character.  This one was drawn by Caitlin,

And last but not least, Thing One and Thing Two were drawn by Willis.

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4 Comments on “The hall is full of book characters!”

  1. Jane Says:

    Wow!These are so amazing.

    I truly adore Zoe’s girls, they are so fun!

  2. ainsley Says:

    hi everyone I love all the drawings in the hall don’t favorite is the one by Kim drew.

  3. Emily Says:

    These must have taken lots of hard work and concentration. I did some too and I stayed after school while finishing or mine wouldn’t be up.

  4. Dominique Says:

    All of these are my favorite! I think Faith did an AWSOME job!!!!

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