Fancy Pants World Two by Blake

Here’s a story written by a third grader named Blake,  one of Mrs. Clarke’s Title I students.  Blake wanted to share this story with the CPS community, so here it is.

FANCY PANTS WORLD TWO written and illustrated by Blake

Fancy Pants just got the snail shell in the hole.  The mayor gave him an ice cream because he was the only one who got the shell in the hole.

Then a rabbit came out and stole the ice cream.  Fancy Pants jumped in the hole to get his ice cream back.

Then Fancy Pants followed the rabbit.  Now they were both in the hole.  Spiders were everywhere!!!  Fancy Pants just kept jumping on them.  You had to just watch out for the mice.  They had bazookas!!!

Next, Fancy Pants got the ice cream back from the rabbit.  Then he ran back to the hole.

Fancy Pants jumped out of the hole and ate the icecream.

The bunny never came out of the hole again because he was scared of Fancy Pants!

(p.s. I just want you to know that this is only a computer game.  Fancy Pants is the main character.  He is a guy with orange pants and he is cool!) THE END

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8 Comments on “Fancy Pants World Two by Blake”

  1. nicole Says:

    You did great, Blake! It was a fantastic story.

  2. julia Says:

    Blake, I liked your story and I think you should do more because they are really unique.

  3. emalee Says:

    Good job, Blake! Love the story.

  4. Luke Says:

    Blake that is awesome!!! i love fancy pants from:luke h.

  5. blake Says:


  6. berryn Says:

    hey blake, it was awesome. you are a great book writer! So keep on writing you’ll be great at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, nicole berry

  7. selina Says:

    yo man realy cool job with it and i hope you read more stories to get more so cool ideas for the book Fancy pants word 2!

  8. Dominique Says:

    Yeah! Blake you did some awsome work! Become an author and I’ll be your number one fan!

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