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April 14, 2010

I spent a great class period with Mrs. Keane’s class today.  After starting “Learn Something New” day last week, where I asked the kids to take home a nonfiction book and present their learning in class, we finished up today.  It was very successful.  Here are some highlights of the kids’ projects:

First, here’s Gabe with his “go kart”.  He was inspired by Tanner from last week, and he and his father made this little number, which I actually took for a spin around the parking lot (thankfully, there are no pictures of that!)

Here’s Brandon’s science experiment:  after reading The Mad Scientist Handbook, he found out that hard boiled eggs left in vinegar for a week will lose their shells.  The library had a nice vinegar-y aroma as he held up his eggs.

Souix-Ann is proudly showing a picture of the fort she made with her family on her property, based on the book Build Your Own Fort.    The fort holds 12 people!  She had lots of pictures showing the process of building it, from frame to covered-with-plastic to the finished leaf-covered fort.  AWESOME!  I love it when a project becomes something the whole family can enjoy together.

Faith loves cats and she loves to draw.  She learned some new things about big cats, and she painted some pictures of them, too.

Gunner’s always up for a fun project.  He made a “robot” with a little help from his dad.  He also wrote a story about it.  The class loved it.

Here’s Kody with his net: we’re not sure what he’s going to catch, but he was pretty proud of it.  He read a book called Knotting.

Luke took out a book about knot tying, and he showed us the knots he made PLUS a swing that utilizes some of the knots.  The pictures on the board show his family members enjoying the swing.  Nice job, Luke!