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The older the better

May 27, 2010

Who says a book has to be new to engage kids?  The last two weeks I have been having a great time reading aloud three classics/old favorites  in the library:  Romeo and Juliet to a fifth grade class, Lassie Come-Home to a fourth and a third grade class, and The Secret Garden to a second grade class.  Let me tell you, it has been pretty powerful!  The drama and the emotion in these stories really speak to the kids.  What a treat to be able to share these classics with young children.

I survived another 4th grade library sleepover!

May 9, 2010

Friday night I slept on the library floor with 17 fourth graders and 3 other adult chaperones.  These students all “earned” their spot on the floor by reading 8 books of different genres and sharing them with their library class.  This may be the only sleepover where 9-year-olds do not consume soda and junk food, watch movies, or play with electronics of any kind.  They DID spend a good deal of time reading and whooping it up on the playground in the dark!  How’d you like it, kids?  Was it fun?  Let me know if it lived up to your expectations!

Erin Hunter’s Warriors series: #1 at CPS!

May 1, 2010

A seemingly never-ending series by Erin Hunter about clans of cats in the wild is WILDLY POPULAR in the CPS library. For a few years these books have been turning 4th and 5th grade casual readers into avid bookworms. This year for the first time I have many 3rd graders who have picked up on the craze. Here are the books:

The original series, Warriors, is made up of six books; The New Prophecy is another six books, followed by Power of Three (another six books). The author has just started Omen of the Stars, a 4th series. Then there are the Manga (graphic novels) and a few super editions and guides. The CPS library has all but the Mangas and the guides, and out of a total of 20 books, maybe 5 are on the shelf on any given day.

Here’s your question, readers: what is it about wars between tribes of cats that keeps you coming back for more, book after book after book? I want to know why these are the most popular books in the library. I confess I have not read them, and you must convince me that I should!