I survived another 4th grade library sleepover!

Friday night I slept on the library floor with 17 fourth graders and 3 other adult chaperones.  These students all “earned” their spot on the floor by reading 8 books of different genres and sharing them with their library class.  This may be the only sleepover where 9-year-olds do not consume soda and junk food, watch movies, or play with electronics of any kind.  They DID spend a good deal of time reading and whooping it up on the playground in the dark!  How’d you like it, kids?  Was it fun?  Let me know if it lived up to your expectations!

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14 Comments on “I survived another 4th grade library sleepover!”

  1. Marta Says:

    I loved it except that it was so short,I want to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marta Says:

    I loved it except that it was so short,I want to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for people that didn’t get in because it was so fun, we ran down the 4th-5th grade hallway in the dark and there was a ghost in Ms. Irons room! We also ate in the teachers room and scared each other in the hall!!!!

  3. Dylan Says:

    It was really good, I just wish that we could be more free, like larger play boundaries, and more time to screw around, but other than that it was awesome!

  4. shelby Says:

    Marta is so right Mrs.Raymond over did herself but it definitely worked for me thank you and you lived up to my expectations Mrs.Raymond and it was short it should have been two days!

  5. Maddox Says:

    I totally agree with Marta! It was awesome, but too short. I wish that there was a literacy party sleepover. Then I would be able to do it many, many times. My favorite part was in the morning and we were making “Haunted Houses” for the opposite genders. The boys freaked out the girls.

  6. aliah Says:

    this was SO fun !!! lets go Mrs. Raymond !!!!!

  7. Caroline Says:

    Awesome sleepover this year! Great group of kids and I have to say the Mixed Berry Turnovers the next morning were unbelievably delicious! I’ve been chaperoning for 7 years now and will definitely continue to for as long as I can!

  8. Jarrett Says:

    The Library sleep over was so awesome. It was so fun. It lived up to my expectations. I with there would be a fifth grade sleep over too. Thank you for setting this up for us, it was really fun.

  9. ana rossow Says:

    I had soooooo much fun at the sleepover! It was awesome. I wish there was more than one. My favorite part was when we ran down the hall in the dark. It was kind of creepy at first. I can’t wait to start reading my new book. It looks good. I loved it. I really do think it was worth all the reading. I am pretty sure everyone had a good time. Paige tells me all about fourth and fifth grade, so it kind of was what I expected, But I LOVED IT!!! 🙂

  10. Elayna Says:

    It was so awesome I could cry way to short can we have it in fifth grade too.

  11. chandler dresser Says:

    I loved it I liked the part when we run down the hall. can we do it in fifth grade.

  12. Abbie Says:

    The library sleepover!!!! Definitely one of my very favorite memories of elementary school! I loved running down the halls as well as the putting away books game. Do you still do that? I think we need more things like this in high school!

  13. Kaitlee Says:

    The library sleepover was the best! I LOVED the skeletons down the hallway. I was running so fast!!!!! I wish I could be in the library sleepover every year! The scavenger hunt was awesome. I loved sleeping behind the desk with my two best friends. You have a great idea for having a sleep over. It was a little hard to read all of those books but I got to my goal. I loved going out side in the dark. I was so happy. And those apples were sooooooooooooo good. I don’t really like popcorn but I bet it was really good for other people who likes popcorn. I wish it was in 5th grade toooooo. I loved it so much. I wish nicole didn’t have to go to the bathroom because it was the middle OF THE NIGHT. It was scary. Thank you for having the sleep over. love you Mrs.raymond!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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