The great outdoors

I hope everyone is getting out there and enjoying this beautiful fall weather we’re having.  One of the best ways to view the colorful leaves and feel the crisp air is to go hiking, and that’s exactly what I did this past weekend and the weekend before.   Here is a picture from the top of Goose Eye:

While I was hiking through the woods, I couldn’t help thinking about one of my favorite books, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.  In this classic book, Sam lives in a hollow tree in the forest for almost a year and learns how to forage and hunt, make his own clothes from deerskin, and observe and “befriend” some of the animals of the forest.  What a great adventure!  Sam knew a lot more than I do before he left home to live in the wilderness, but I still think it sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend the summer.

Another excellent book about the great outdoors is Lost on a Mountain in Maine by Donn Fendler.   Of course Donn wasn’t having quite as much fun as Sam in My Side of the Mountain!  Donn got separated from his hiking group and spent many days alone, desperately seeking rescue.  My hiking group and I felt a little of Donn’s panic this weekend, as our hike took a little longer than expected, it was a lot colder at the summit than we thought it would be, and we found ourselves beginning the descent at almost 4:00.  There was ice on the rocks and we sure hoped we could get safely off the mountain before dark.  Luckily we did, and we all enjoyed a hearty dinner and a great sleep that night.   Next time we’ll start our hike a little earlier…

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5 Comments on “The great outdoors”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Love the pic! I also have great memories of those books! While adventure can be fun, I was thankful that our hike didn’t turn into an unexpected overnight! Can’t wait for next summer to explore some more Maine Mountains with you!

  2. Meg Says:

    This hike was pretty awesome and all the beautiful fall colors were amazing! What an accomplishment!Being out in the woods or just spending time outdoors can really help these stories come alive!

  3. Jodi Putnam Says:

    HEY GUYS!!!! its Jodi Putnam! i still LOVE this site!!! i have read this book in ms.Haines class when i was in 4th grade! i loved this book!!!!!! You should totally read this!!!!

  4. The book, “Lost on the mountain of Maine” Is the book I read with Miss Haines, My fourth grade teacher, and it was an Awesome book. I agree with you mrs.Raymond, That book is a really a good one. I was wondering if you have that book and the other one”My side of the mountain” So I can read those books. Also, mrs.Raymond, You are a really a nice person and keep rocking the school. Means keep up the good work as a libary teacher and reader, you are the best! Have a great weekend!

    From: alicia

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Alicia! I have both of those books in the library and you can check them out any time! Mrs. R.

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