Playacting in Mrs. Lee’s 2nd grade class

Often in library class in the lower grades, I read a book and the class says, “let’s act it out!”

Mrs. Lee’s 2nd grade class is always up for a good play.  A few weeks ago, after we read Muti’s Necklace, the students were really excited and came in the next week ready for action.  Muti’s Necklace is a picture book set in ancient Egypt and the second graders always love it.  Muti is a strong girl who knows her own mind, the pictures are exotic and beautiful,  and the book has a surprise ending.  In the picture at left you see the girls rowing the “boat” while the pharoah (Harley) lounges in the back and Muti (Julianna) leads the rowers.  There is an exciting part where the pharoah’s magician parts the waters with his magic spell so Muti can find her special necklace, which has fallen in the lake.   Doesn’t Mario make a wonderful magician?  (He is using a dragon puppet to simulate the magician’s cobra!)

Last week we read Erica Silverman’s The Halloween House.  It seemed to be another “natural” for acting out, so we tried it this week.  I was really impressed when a number of students came to class today with parts of their Halloween costumes to make the “play” really come to life!  Here is the entire class after having a good time being vampires, ghosts, witches, cats, monsters, etc.:



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6 Comments on “Playacting in Mrs. Lee’s 2nd grade class”

  1. colby Says:

    nice costumes

  2. cpslibrary Says:

    Gabe says: When we were in second grade I remember doing a play on where the wild things are and it was really fun. I’m sure they had a fun time doing a play on Muti’s necklace (I know I would have a fun time doing a play on Muti’s necklace).

  3. cayley Says:

    i did that in 2nd grade it was fun i bet that it was fun to them too.

  4. cayley Says:

    hey nice i did that in 2nd grade it was fun and it was funny.

  5. THE GREAT ? Says:

    That looks really FUN ..

  6. Morgan Says:


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