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The Hunting and Hiding Book by Seth

December 15, 2010

Mrs. Clarke brought me this story written by one of her Title I students.  Seth is a second grader in Mrs. DeLallo’s   class.

Hunter and I went hunting.  Hunter and I drove the six-wheeler.

First we went in the woods behind our house.

Then we shot a buck with a bow and arrow.

We put the deer in the six-wheeler.  Then we drove to our house.

We dropped off the deer and went to the field.

We trapped a raccoon.  Then we shot it with a bow and arrow.

We put him in the back of the six-wheeler and went duck hunting.

We used a duck call and a duck came.

We shot him with a bow and arrow.

We drove home and we ate him for dinner!


December 10, 2010

I received a comment from EVERY SINGLE FIFTH GRADER on The Pinballs.  I guess contests/chocolate cakes are really helpful when you want people to comment on your blog!

Special recognition goes to Ms. Kelly’s class for being the first class to get 100% participation.  Nice job, guys.  They also gave me some amazing pictures that illustrate their favorite scenes.

Check out these great pictures:

The first one is by Savannah.  It shows Carly and and Thomas J. bringing the puppy to Harvey in the hospital.

This one is Jillian’s view of the children sitting on the steps of the elementary school:

Caleb chose the same scene to illustrate.  I like the way the puppy is chewing on Thomas J.’s sock.

And finally, I really like the way Rebecca Morin pictured Carly, Thomas J, and the puppy:

THE PINBALLS by Betsy Byars

December 6, 2010

I have just finished reading THE PINBALLS by Betsy Byars in all three of my fifth grade classes.  It is a realistic  story about three children, who each  have their own “issues”,  coming together at the same foster family.  We have all enjoyed the emotional ups and downs of watching Carlie, Thomas J., and Harvey bond into a family.

FIFTH GRADERS who have been listening to this story all fall:  write me a comment telling me your thoughts about the book…where do you think the three children will end up in ten years?  Will they be successful adults?  Will they still be “pinballs” or will they be trying to put their lives together?  Who was your favorite character, and why?  (You don’t have to answer all these questions; they are just to get your creative juices flowing!)  I will make one of Carlie’s famous mayonnaise cakes for the class with the most comments!