I received a comment from EVERY SINGLE FIFTH GRADER on The Pinballs.  I guess contests/chocolate cakes are really helpful when you want people to comment on your blog!

Special recognition goes to Ms. Kelly’s class for being the first class to get 100% participation.  Nice job, guys.  They also gave me some amazing pictures that illustrate their favorite scenes.

Check out these great pictures:

The first one is by Savannah.  It shows Carly and and Thomas J. bringing the puppy to Harvey in the hospital.

This one is Jillian’s view of the children sitting on the steps of the elementary school:

Caleb chose the same scene to illustrate.  I like the way the puppy is chewing on Thomas J.’s sock.

And finally, I really like the way Rebecca Morin pictured Carly, Thomas J, and the puppy:

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2 Comments on “WOW!”

  1. rebecca Says:

    Thanks Mrs.Raymond for putting my picture on your blog!

  2. THE GREAT ? Says:

    Thanks for posting the pics. Also thanks for the mayonnaise cake 😉

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