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Third graders celebrate TROUBLE RIVER by Betsy Byars

January 13, 2011

We had fun today in my third grade Literacy Group.  The students have just finished reading TROUBLE RIVER by Betsy Byars, an exciting adventure about young Dewey and his grandmother traveling down a raging river on a raft to escape the Indians…and Grandma is sitting in a rocking chair the whole trip!  Chaia had the idea of making little rafts and seeing if they could float.  She even brought in some figures to represent Grandma, Dewey, the dog, and the chair.  After we floated all the rafts in the sink (they all floated!  YAY!) we enjoyed some of her mother’s yummy cornbread, which is what the characters in the book ate on their raft ride.  And Ella brought in a Grandma costume!

THE SECRET SERIES by Pseudonymous Bosch (A student book review)

January 7, 2011

I’m Julia, a fourth grader in Mrs. Jerome’s class, and I want the school buzzing about this series.  I want students standing in line waiting for another person to finish the next book!  The series is called “The Secret Series”.  It is about a secret society and two young heroes.  They have to beat an evil group called The Midnight Sun in order to save their friend Benjamin Blake.  Midnight Sun lives forever and people have tried to stop them for years but all has failed.  There are killings, living forever, spying, kidnapping, disguises, and friendship.  Our heroes are odd and you might think weirder than weird, but they have found a place where they belong.  There are four books in the whole series:  The Name of this book is Secret, If You’re Reading this it’s too Late, This Book is not Good for You, and This Isn’t what it Looks Like.  Just let me warn you:  these books can get a little confusing, but I think a good reader can figure them out.  I hope you love the series as much as I do!


January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!  Now that Christmas is over, for me the real excitement of winter is all about SNOW.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn’t cooperating this year.   Take a look at this beautiful book that will show you stunning actual  photographs of snowflakes.  The author tells you the science behind snowflakes in a very interesting way.  If you like snow as much as I do, check this book out!