Third graders celebrate TROUBLE RIVER by Betsy Byars

We had fun today in my third grade Literacy Group.  The students have just finished reading TROUBLE RIVER by Betsy Byars, an exciting adventure about young Dewey and his grandmother traveling down a raging river on a raft to escape the Indians…and Grandma is sitting in a rocking chair the whole trip!  Chaia had the idea of making little rafts and seeing if they could float.  She even brought in some figures to represent Grandma, Dewey, the dog, and the chair.  After we floated all the rafts in the sink (they all floated!  YAY!) we enjoyed some of her mother’s yummy cornbread, which is what the characters in the book ate on their raft ride.  And Ella brought in a Grandma costume!

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6 Comments on “Third graders celebrate TROUBLE RIVER by Betsy Byars”

  1. isabel Says:

    Trouble river is so cool!

  2. chaia Says:

    I LOVE Trouble River! It’s a great book for people who love adventure books.

  3. Cameron Simard Says:

    That book was really good (especially the corn bread). Trouble River is a BIG adventure book!

  4. cayley Says:

    haha i love that

  5. Katherine Haley Says:

    Trouble River is so awesome I recommend it anyone who likes Adventure books

  6. chaia Says:

    Wow! That was a year ago and I still remember all the fun we had! It is a good adventure book. It may seem boring, but stick with it!

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