Literacy Group in the Quincy

When my literacy groups finish reading a book, we always celebrate the book in some way.  Usually it involves food, but this time it didn’t.  We read Mr. Popper’s Penguins and decided that a trip to a nice snow structure would be appropriate!   We walked through the woods to my backyard and visited the “quincy” that my son made in our backyard.  Here is a picture of Dylan, Alexander, Wyatt, Utah, and Avery trying to stay warm:

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10 Comments on “Literacy Group in the Quincy”

  1. Luke Hayward Says:

    That is really cool nice job guys!!!!

  2. Griffin Says:

    Why didn’t we get to do that in second grade literacy group???

  3. Mia shifrin Says:

    That is so cute andit looks sooooooo fun.

  4. The Great Question Mark Says:

    I remember Mr. Popper’s penguins! But we didn’t go to the “quincy”!

  5. cpslibrary Says:

    Sorry guys: I don’t have a quincy in my backyard EVERY year: it depends on snow conditions and my son has to be in the mood to build it! The last time my son made one was 3 years ago. That year I did take Mrs. DeLallo’s entire 2nd grade class on a walking fieldtrip to the quincy, because they were very excited about it. Some of this year’s fifth graders remember that “field trip.”

  6. Alexander baribeau Says:

    It was like when mr.Poppers penguins huddled together to keep warm.

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Yes, Alexander!! Wouldn’t those penguins have liked a quincy in their backyard, like you and I have??? Mrs. R

  7. quincy builder Says:

    wow. looks like that quincy is really big and cool inside…I wish I knew how to build one…oh wait…I built it. HOPE YOU ALL LIKED IT!


  8. dylan Says:

    It looks like those penguins dyed their feathers, or they are dressed in people costumes!! HA HA

    I liked the field trip to the quincy because the stick coming out of the top of the quincy looked like a cannon! We had fun walking through the woods.

  9. utah Says:

    Boy I wish i could do that again!

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