Read Across America Day 2011

What a fun assembly we had yesterday to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  The whole school came together at 1:00 and each grade had a presentation:  we saw plays, readers theater, personal responses to classroom books, and a song.  We opened and closed the assembly with “Gotta Keep Reading” by the fifth graders, and it was a rousing success!

Thanks to Mrs. Waggonner, our instrumental music teacher, for working with the fifth graders on this awesome “flashmob”.

Many students and teachers in the school have been asking me “how can we do it in our classrooms?  We want to do it, too!”  Maybe one day soon the ENTIRE SCHOOL will do it together….

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8 Comments on “Read Across America Day 2011”

  1. destiny Says:

    i bet it was sooooooooooo great

  2. cpslibrary Says:

    I really liked Read Across America Day because I was in a play AND a normal performance. The play was about Dr. Seuss and the characters he made. I was a SNEETCH!! It was fun. I liked the fifth graders song because they always had a book in one of their hands. I would like to do it.

  3. utah Says:

    If I could do that dance, I would be CRAAAAAAAAAZY!

  4. cayley Says:

    i liked that play it was cool i wanted to do that it loooked so fun.

  5. cayley Says:

    if i did that it would be funny.

  6. Good morning,
    Just ran across your awesome site. Noticed the flash mob photos and wondered if you had a video of this dance. Would love to see it and try to imitate it for our school final assembly this year.

    Colleen Malley
    Sunset View
    Library-Teacher/ Media Specialist

    • cpslibrary Says:

      Thanks for the interest, Colleen! I sent you an email directing you to the site that will teach you the “moves” and the words to the flashmob. Good luck!

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