Here are two stacks of brand new books for the Crescent Park School library that arrived last week…talk about excitement! I could barely decide what to read first. If you have very sharp eyes, you might be able to pick out some of the titles. I am very excited to read THE TROUBLE WITH MAY AMELIA, the sequel to the Newbery Honor book OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA. Also in the stack: books three and four of the “Ember” series, a series called “Roscoe Riley Rules” about a 1st grade boy who gets in a lot of trouble, the sequel to THE LEMONADE WAR, another “Baby-sitters Club” graphic novel, the sequel to THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN, two more “Just Grace” books, Wendy Mass’s new book THE CANDYMAKERS, two more “Stink” books…I’ll be working my way through the two stacks so that I can let YOU read them in September.

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2 Comments on “CHRISTMAS IN JULY”

  1. Mia Says:

    I can’t wait to see them on the library shelves.

  2. ainsley Says:

    Great blog!!!!!!!!!!:)

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