School is well underway, and it’s about time I shared some of the new books in the library collection that I read this summer.  I’m really excited about a lot of them, but I will start with my favorite.

How would you like to be the only girl in town?!  In THE TROUBLE WITH MAY AMELIA by Jennifer Holm, May Amelia is THE ONLY GIRL in her small farming community in Washington State.   And she has seven brothers!  Holm continues the story of this spunky, strong-willed girl and her family whom we first met in OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA (a 2002 Newbery Honor book).  The year is 1900 and life is hard for these  pioneers, who are mainly Finnish immigrants struggling to make it in their new country.  You will get a strong sense of what life was like in this time period: the hardships of farming, the danger of working in the lumber mill, the desperation of leaving home to start over in a new country.  If you think historical fiction is boring, this book is NOT:  May Amelia’s personality jumps off the page and she has a humorous way of dealing with almost everything.

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Oh, I loved this book.

    SOMEBODY has to read it! I’m sure you will like .

    And please keep checking out the blog and to hope to see an awesome book. Thanks!!!

  2. Mia Says:

    I loved that book I actually liked it a lot better than “Our Only May Amelia”. I’m have two pages left in Out OF The dust and I can totally relate that to Trouble For May Amelia because one they both took place during the great depression and also I remember that May Amelia just wanted togged away from the Nasle. I L-O-V-E loved this book.

  3. Savannah M. Says:

    I have heard it’s a really good book and I am reading it know

  4. chaia Says:

    I don’t usually like historical fiction, but I might have just found an exception. Better read to find out!

  5. chaia Says:

    Hmm, sounds good, very good. I’ve read Our Only May Amelia, and I loved it. A sequel? Great. I’d love to read it.

  6. Ella Says:

    Best book Ever!!!!! Couldn’t put it down! I want there to be another one!

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