Caroline’s Awesome Sleepover Club Project

What a great way to start the day:  a student exceeded my expectations!

I’ve been doing the Fourth Grade Sleepover Club for 15 years now, where I ask students to read 8 books in different genres over the course of the year, share their books with their class at library time, and then we celebrate with a sleepover in the library in May. (For more information, check out 4th  GRADE SLEEPOVER CLUB under “Pages” at right). Usually students stand in front of the class and give a booktalk. Sometimes students draw pictures or maps to go along with their booktalk. Often they write a summary. Today, Caroline in Mrs. Jerome’s class blew me away with a very professional brochure about her first completed book:

Here's the cover of the brochure.

And here's the center spread.

Finally, here's the final page.


Fantastic job, Caroline! You took this to a whole new level!

*If you want to read the wonderful information Caroline wrote about THE BATTLE OF THE LABYRINTH, just click on the images and they will enlarge for you.

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4 Comments on “Caroline’s Awesome Sleepover Club Project”

  1. Wow, Caroline! You have made our whole class want to read this series. Let’s hope others follow your lead and produce great book projects for Mrs. Raymond. Thank you for taking so much time and effort!

    Mrs. Jerome’s Class

  2. Lynn Newell Says:

    It was fun watching you use our computer to figure out how to make a brochure, and now to see it on Mrs. Raymond’s blog…WOW! We’re proud of you! Love,
    Mom and Dad

  3. Kathy Hebert Says:

    Miss Caroline, I am so impressed with your project I can’t imagine any young lady your age doing such a wonderful job. I really wish your teacher could send a copy of your project to the author and tell him that you are her forth grade student . I’m sure even he would be impressed. Now I even want to read the book. Great job keep up the good work.

  4. julia Says:

    i completely and fully loved these books probably my favorite book i ever read.

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