Milo: sticky notes and brain freeze by Alan Silberberg

Here’s a book review by a fifth grade student in Mrs. Conrad’s class, Emily:

This is the fifth time Milo has moved!  Milo doesn’t think it will be the last time, though.  After all, it seems to Milo that moving is part of his life.

Milo’s family is a little, well, strange.  Sure, he has a Dad.  And a sister, of course.  But….they’re probably not like yours.  But what about the mom? Well, she had cancer and she died.  The main part of this book is about Milo figuring out how to deal with the fact that his Mom is gone.  Milo feels lost without a full family.

There are three people who make him feel better:  his best bud, Marshall, makes him laugh.  Hillary, his next door neighbor, knows how he feels and makes him feel safe.  A neighbor lady who has lost her husband teaches him that even if somebody close to you is gone, there are ways to keep them “alive”.

It sounds like this is a really sad book, but it is also very funny.  For instance, Milo is “in love” with Summer Goodman, and one of the first times he sees her he is buying SUPER SOFT TOILET PAPER!  How embarassing!  He and Marshall have a nice, funny friendship that reminds me of the way boys really do fool around.

This isn’t a graphic novel, but it does have a lot of sketches that are fun to look at.   I recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic stories about love, life, and family.

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11 Comments on “Milo: sticky notes and brain freeze by Alan Silberberg”

  1. Dave Says:

    I love the review. It gives an idea of what the story is about, but doesn’t tell all the details. It sounds like an interesting book.

  2. Kristi Says:

    It sounds like a good book. I like the way you explained it Emily.

  3. Thank you for the nice review of my book, Emily. I’m so glad you enjoyed meeting Milo and his friends and found the book both funny and meaningful….and yes, holding a jumbo pack of SUPER SOFT T.P. would make any first meeting embarrassing!

    Alan Silberberg (author/cartoonist of MILO)

    • Emily Says:

      You are welcome, Mr. Silverberg/ Alan. Thank you for commenting. You are my favorite author. I want to also thank you for inspiring me.
      Emily(reader of MILO)

  4. Abby H Says:

    Hi Em.I love the book Milo!I am so glad you talked me into this book. So what book are reading right now?I bet it is really good.See you tommow.

  5. Mia Says:

    I really want to read that book!! But I’m in a really good one already.

  6. Katherine Haley Says:

    ainsley says great blog Mrs.raymond.

  7. Mia Says:

    I’m reading Milo right now and it’s pretty good I think it’s a little like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” But anyways it’s really good.

  8. Isabel Chase Says:

    I’m going to read this book! I’m so excited to start1

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