Caroline: Sleepover-bound!

Caroline in Mrs. Jerome’s class was awarded her “million dollar bookmark” today, signifying that she has completed her eight books and her projects for the Fourth Grade Library Sleepover.

I always tell the students it isn’t a race:  they have the whole year to read their eight books and share them with the class.  But there are always a few eager beavers (should I say eager READERS?)  who are motivated to finish early.  Caroline did not take the easy way out, either:  she read very challenging books and she did excellent projects.  Today she brought me this “lift the flap” poster about GODS AND GODDESSES OF OLYMPUS written and illustrated by Aliki.  I really like the detail she used to illustrate each god and goddess.  And when you lift each flap, there is more information.



A few hours later, Caroline presented me with this illustrated information sheet about THE WORST (BEST) HALLOWEEN EVER  by Barbara Robinson.  She wrote about the characters, the problem, and the setting, against a backdrop of Halloween candy!  Very creative.

(Note:  Click on the images to enlarge them and read Caroline’s work.)

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6 Comments on “Caroline: Sleepover-bound!”

  1. Wow, Caroline! We are so proud of you. You worked hard. We hope that other students will follow your example by working and reading so hard…. even if the Sleepover Club is not your goal!

    Thank you, Mrs. Raymond, for showcasing this wonderful reader!

    Mrs. Jerome’s Class

  2. julia Says:

    Very creative!

  3. Peyton Says:

    I think that was very creative! Good job!

  4. Cathy Newell Says:

    Hey Caroline – you are definitely quite the reader! How are you coming on your Christmas books?

    Love, Granny

  5. kaylee Says:

    the bippalo seed will never be greedy

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