Book Pass

I tried something in Mrs. Bullen’s fifth grade class today that I learned at a conference I went to recently. It’s called “Book Pass”, and it’s a fun and very effective way to expose students to lots of books in a small amount of time.   I pulled twenty books out of the fiction stacks that don’t get the attention they deserve (because it seems that everyone wants to read “Bone” or a book by Rick Riordan or J.K. Rowling) and gave one to each student. Everyone read for two minutes, wrote down their reaction to the book, then passed it to their neighbor and we started again with a new book. I “played” too, even though I’d read all of the books before. What a great way for kids to really sample lots of books and see what  interests them! I loved hearing the discussions of  the books at the end of class, and many of the books got checked out.

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13 Comments on “Book Pass”

  1. Mia Says:

    OMG! I really want to do that with my class, it sounds so cool !!!

  2. colby Says:

    Nice picture Mrs. Raymand. That was really fun!

  3. dawson Says:

    I really loved the book pass! There was a book called white wolf! I love that book! It was very interesting and awesome!

  4. gabe Says:

    I thought it was fun and it worked. I got some books I didnt like but that was not a problem because i could just move on. We should do that for all 4th and 5th grade classes and do it again on us.

  5. sadie Says:

    it was so fun!!!! i found a bunch of cool books to read!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Reese Says:

    I really loved the books but the best one is Socks!

  7. julia Says:

    I loved this activity it really gave me a chance to find some interesting books and I’m looking forward to reading some of these books! My favorite one was probably a book without words or cosmic.

  8. kane Says:

    super mega super cool

  9. Ryan Beckerman Says:

    I checked out the book Cosmic it was like one of my favorite books.I cant believe that there were that many fiction books that I could read.I would recommend this book to any class its so fun hope you have fun with it too!

  10. Peyton Says:

    This activity was so fun I really want to do it again! I really like Cosmic and that book Wonder Struck looks like it will be a good book.

  11. Georgia Piawlock Says:

    I took out Replay by Sharon Creech and I am still reading it and so far it is awesome so when I am done with it I hope someone else will enjoy it:)

  12. Victoria Hamel Says:

    This was a lot of fun.I love the book that I check out. I really like the picture too.I would like to do this again some time.

  13. Ben Alford Says:

    That is a really cool way to get people to try new books, especially ones that people don’t often check out!

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