A late Christmas present??

Here’s what I saw on my desk when I walked into the library the first day after Christmas vacation:

I thought, “Oh, nice! How fun to get another Christmas present!” Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be one of my very clever fourth grader’s Library Sleepover Projects. The note reads “open the Lego box to find my December book project. From Trey”   Interesting!  Even better than a present!  Here’s the 3-D scene that Trey made at home to showcase AN ELK DROPPED IN, his December book:

(Click on the image to enlarge it and see the details.)

Nice job, Trey. You always keep me guessing what your next creative move will be. Can’t wait for January’s project!

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6 Comments on “A late Christmas present??”

  1. You ROCK, Trey! Love your creative project. I want to read An Elf Dropped In.

  2. Isabel Chase Says:

    Thats awesome Trey! Wish I did that! : )

  3. Ella Blair Says:

    That is soooo cool Trey!! I want a christmas present!

  4. Max.O Says:


  5. Will Says:

    I WANT IT NEXT!!!! Awesome project

  6. Will Says:

    I can’t have a present

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