Introducing Mia, one of Mrs. Conrad’s awesome fifth grade readers, who is going to start sharing her book reviews on this blog.  Her posts will be called “Mia’s Book Shout Out.”  Mia loves to read and share her enthusiasm with others, so here’s her first post!  Thanks, Mia.


“The undiscovered series in the “M” section”

I know that this book is already on the library shelves, but this is a truly amazing series that nobody reads very often.  Although the book is very similar to the familiar book CADDIE WOODLAWN, readers tend to overlook this book by Kerry Madden and zoom by it to Wendy Mass, who is a “hot” writer.  So if you need a book, check out the “M” section in the library.

Livy Two is the second oldest out of nine siblings.  She has a banjo- playing Daddy and a hardworking mother.  Livy Two’s sister Gentle’s eyes aren’t so good, but that’s just what Livy Two’s mother says.  It was so amazing for me to read about this family living in 1956 with the newly invented telephone and tv.  Also, reading about how Livy’s family lives with barely enough food to feed the family and a father with no consistent job made me think of how lucky I am.  Maggie Valley, where the book takes place, is very similar to Gilead , Maine – a very rural village with just a few houses, a church, school, and lending library truck that travels all over the Smoky Mountains.

Will Livy find out what’s wrong with Gentle’s eyes, and what will that lead to?  Gentle’s Holler is a thrilling story of money worries and watching three generations in a  family learn to live together and deal with all their problems.  And, if you like this book, check out the other two, LOUISIANA’S SONG and JESSIE’S MOUNTAIN.

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6 Comments on “MIA’S BOOK SHOUT OUT”

  1. Mia Says:

    This post was a joy to read. Mia’s enthusiasm for reading and making connections between the book and her world drew me into finding out more about the book. I can not wait to read the next post.
    Well done MIA!!!

  2. Brooke Libby Says:

    Great review, Mia! I think I’ll read it (after Lilo, I guess). You’re a terrific writer!

  3. Christine McCarthy Says:

    Nice job Mia! This book sounds great. It sounds like a book that Maddie would very much like to read (that is, if she could read…soon enough). xoxo Chrissy (from California)

  4. Amy Grohman Says:

    Great review, Mia! And congratulations on your new role as the book blogger. We will put this one on our list of must-reads.
    –Amy, Martin, Hannah and Henry

  5. Kim Loughlin Says:

    Great review Mia. can’t wait to share this book with my daughter Kate. She is in third grade…do you think she might like this? Maybe we can read it together! Kim

  6. Yvette Says:

    Mia I think that I will read this,it looks great.
    My mom told me you had this thing and we looked at it.this is a great time to have a book
    recommended to me because I have to read 5

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