I tell my classes that there has to be a conflict to have an interesting story.  I lied.  A HOUSE IN THE WOODS has no conflict, and it just became one of my favorite books.  True, not much happens.  Two pigs’ houses get broken accidentally by a moose and a bear, and together with some excellent beaver builders, they all build a new house that they can live in together.  Why do I like it so much?  The illustrations are beautiful;  it’s one of those books you just want to jump into so you can live there.  The expressions on the animals’ faces are humorous and expressive.  The fall scenery is gorgeous.  Everyone gets along. So, once in awhile it’s okay for a book to have no conflict, only cooperation and friendship, if it’s packaged this beautifully.  Everyone needs a cozy, feel-good story on their list of favorites.

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2 Comments on “A HOUSE IN THE WOODS by Inga Moore”

  1. Kaylee Says:

    no dr.seuss is not a dr. because he is a book writer
    not a dr.+

  2. Wyatt Says:

    no dr.seuss is not a doctor because he wrote a ton of books and he wouldn’t have enough time to do both things

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