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Trivia Question #3, and answer for #2

February 29, 2012

Many of Dr. Seuss’s books were just plain silly, but some of them had a deeper message. List TWO books and the MESSAGE that Dr. Seuss was trying to get across.


Here’s the answer to yesterday’s question, WAS DR. SEUSS A DOCTOR?  EXPLAIN:

No, he wasn’t a doctor.  He was studying for an advanced degree in English when he left school to get married.

The k-2 question was, “what color is the ZELF on the SHELF in THERE”S A WOCKET IN MY POCKET?  The answer is PURPLE.  (By the way, it is perfectly ok to look in the book for these answers, or to do research on the internet.)

Trivia Question #2

February 28, 2012

Here’s Tuesday’s Dr. Seuss trivia question:

“Was Dr. Seuss a doctor?  Explain.”

Note that there are TWO parts to this question:  a simple yes or no will not be correct!

And remember, the answers will be posted after 3 p.m. to be fair to all contestants.

Recap: Day one

February 27, 2012

Trivia contest:   The correct answer was GREEN EGGS AND HAM.  Everyone who wrote that in their comment goes into the drawing for Friday.  Tomorrow morning there will be another question…. harder??  Note that I did not publish any of your answers/ comments till school was over:  that way every answer was private.

The k-2 trivia question was “What was the girl’s name in THE CAT AND THE HAT?”  I had many answers and just about everyone gave me the correct one:  SALLY.  There will be a separate drawing for k-2 on Friday, and k-2 teachers will have another question for their students tomorrow.

A huge thank you to my fifth grade literacy students for helping out with yummy Seuss treats for my classes today:  Mia brought green and yellow pinwheel cookies, Tristan brought gluten free cupcakes, Lilo brought chocolate chip muffins, Griffin brought his mom’s famous cinnamon bun and molasses cookies, and Victoria brought fancy cupcakes that her class will enjoy tomorrow.

It’s Read Across America week at CPS!

February 27, 2012

CPS is celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday all week  (his actual birthday is this Friday, March 2.)  Every class will have a Seuss story, game, treat, and party favor. It’s going to be a wild week in the library, and I’m looking forward to it!

Check in each day for a Seuss trivia question. Answer the question in the “comment” area, (I won’t publish the answers until the end of the day) and all correct answers will be entered for a drawing on Friday.


Dr. Seuss was once challenged to write a book using only 50 words.  What was it?

Trouble River again!

February 17, 2012

My third grade literacy group just finished Trouble River by Betsy Byars, a historical fiction novel about Dewey and Grandma escaping the Indians on a raft that Dewey built. Grandma’s in her rocking chair as they shoot the rapids! As we did last year, we all made rafts and floated a Lego Grandma in the sink. Did they sink or float? Check out these smiles and you be the judge.

Mia’s Book Shoutout #3

February 17, 2012

Fifth grade book lover Mia shares her favorite books

“Peter again!”

Are you a Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Redwall, Narnia, or just a plain lover of all kinds of action packed books which are full of dangers and fights around every corner? Well, this novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is just the book for you. People don’t realize how good the original Peter Pan is,  so now with Dave Barry’s Peter Pan you will just simply fall in love.

When Peter and his mates from a boys’ orphanage learn that they will soon be sent on a ship to another part of the world called Rundoon where there is a king with a giant-man-eating snake and extremely strict rules, the boys are scared that they will be reduced to shreds. This scene leads to all the action.

When the boys arrive on the boat, they soon realize that the boat will be more likely sinking than sailing with a crazy drunken captain and a dirty underfed crew, but that’s not the worst of the boys’ problems. They are supposed to stay in a little tiny cabin where they are fed once a day and the food…well it’s, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Also there is a mysterious black trunk that’s been loaded on the boat which could have magic in it. Peter soon finds a friend and companion, Molly. When Peter learns what Molly is protecting and how bad it could be if pirates, the sea, or if the crew get it,  Peter and Molly are on a mission to keep it safe even if it means flying. Peter and Molly fight grown men, pirates, and and Indians.

This book is simply delightful. When I read it I got so nervous that Peter would die or something tragic would happen. My little brother Eli, who is in first grade,  says that “Peter and the Starcatchers is the best book ever!” Eli also says “that he feels like he is in the book whether the boys are flying, swimming, or taunting the pirates.” This book is “hard to stop reading” says Eli;  “ it just keeps getting better and better every time my mom or dad says let’s take a break from listening to Peter.” If you are getting really excited about this book, or you’re getting a really good feeling about it, go directly to the library and look in the “B” section and start reading! Once you finish this book and you want to find out what happens next go back down to the library and check out the next couple called Peter and the Shadow Thieves, Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, and Peter and the Sword of Mercy.

Two CPS Teachers are now authors!

February 10, 2012

Heidi Bullen, Grade Five teacher, and Norma Salway, a Kindergarten and Grade One teacher who recently retired after many years at CPS, have each recently published books for children.  They presented a copy of their books to the CPS Library, along with an accompanying “toy”!

Heidi Bullen wrote EDDY THE YETI which tells the story of Sunday River’s mascot.  Eddy reportedly lives on Speck Mountain and often joins the skiers at Sunday River in search of fun and friendship.

Norma Salway’s book, TOUCHED BY A HUMMINGBIRD, which she also illustrated, tells the true story of her encounter with a hummingbird on the day of a special friend’s funeral.



The students and I are VERY excited to have these two special books in the CPS library.


February 7, 2012

We just finished reading AL CAPONE DOES MY SHIRTS by Gennifer Choldenko in the fourth grade literacy group.  Twelve-year old Moose Flanagan tells the story of his family moving to Alcatraz Island in the 1930’s where his father works at the prison full of notorious criminals (one of whom is Al Capone).    There are 23 other children on the 12-acre island, including the spoiled and manipulative Piper.   Moose’s older sister Natalie is autistic, and Moose’s parents rely heavily on him to help Natalie adjust to the world.

When we finished reading the book, the students wanted to learn more about the convicts who were imprisoned on Alcatraz Island.  Each student either picked a convict or made one up.  I was very impressed with the students’ research abilities!  Here is a picture of the whole group hamming it up as Alcatraz criminals:

And here are Ella and Emily dressed as the gangster Al Capone:

Mia’s book shout out #2

February 2, 2012

Fifth grade book lover Mia shares her favorite books

“Happy 50th birthday,  Phantom Tollbooth!”

Do you ever think that a book can be really boring because there’s just something you can’t quite reach? Well then you won’t like the Phantom Toll Booth exactly for that reason. So after reading this, think about it, because if you read it at a younger age, you could still read it again and get more out of it.  But I’d still recommend reading it when you’re ten. It’s perfect – especially if you like words .  Or if you’re 7 and you are just into adventure and you can understand simple wordplay.

Have you ever wondered where letters, words, phrases, sentences, numbers, terms, expressions, and equations come from? When Milo finds a Phantom Tollbooth in his room, Milo decides to see what it can do, since he has nothing better to do. Milo hops in his little car and suddenly finds himself speeding along a highway, on his way to Dictionopolis. On the way, Milo encounters a trip to the Doldrums and Expectations and meets his journey companion Tock, a watch dog. Upon arriving in Dictionopolis, Milo discovers the silence between two regions, Digitotopolis and Dictionopolis. There, Milo is destined to rescue and return the fair Rhyme and Reason. Will Milo be able to save the fair Rhyme and Reason so fairness will return to the land?

I found that this story was so funny that I didn’t want it to end, but the great part of this is the wordplay and characters. Take the Which, for example, and look at how I spelled her name. She’s not dangerous, right? Only witches with the T are dangerous.

The Phantom Tollbooth is a hard book to know when to read because if you read it too early you won’t be able to understand a good part of this book, but it would still be a good adventure. If you are interested in reading this book it is located in the “J” section of the CPS Library. Have fun reading! The Phantom Tollbooth has been making people laugh for 50 years and hopefully many more!