Two CPS Teachers are now authors!

Heidi Bullen, Grade Five teacher, and Norma Salway, a Kindergarten and Grade One teacher who recently retired after many years at CPS, have each recently published books for children.  They presented a copy of their books to the CPS Library, along with an accompanying “toy”!

Heidi Bullen wrote EDDY THE YETI which tells the story of Sunday River’s mascot.  Eddy reportedly lives on Speck Mountain and often joins the skiers at Sunday River in search of fun and friendship.

Norma Salway’s book, TOUCHED BY A HUMMINGBIRD, which she also illustrated, tells the true story of her encounter with a hummingbird on the day of a special friend’s funeral.



The students and I are VERY excited to have these two special books in the CPS library.

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6 Comments on “Two CPS Teachers are now authors!”

  1. Max Godomsky Says:

    Way to go Mrs. Bullen and Mrs. Salway!!

  2. Cameron Says:

    I have read each book and they are amazing, such good word choice! they each come with a cute little toy! Great for our literacy toy hunt!

  3. Caroline Says:

    Awesome! I would like to read those! I LOVE that Mrs. Bullen and Mrs. Salway are authors. Good job!

  4. chaia Says:

    Great job to them! Mrs Bullen read Eddy the yeti to us in student council. Great rhymes! I wonder where I can find mrs Salway’s book…

  5. Peyton Hart Says:

    Mrs.Bullen is my teacher and I think that it is a very big accomplishment for her. Mrs Salway was my teacher too and i really like her book!

  6. Lilla Says:

    Nice book Ms bullen

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